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02nd Mar 2013

Spice Up Your Weekend: The 10 Super-Simple Tips For Red-Hot Sex

Staying in on a Saturday night has never been so much fun...

Rebecca McKnight

Too often, during the week, we tend to put our sex life on the back burner. Let’s be honest, after a long, stressful day at the office it can be hard to put on your sexy pout and lead your man to the bedroom for a night of passion (especially if you have to be up at the crack of dawn).

Frankly speaking, it can be hard to invest time and energy into getting down and dirty with your man. But the good news is it’s the weekend, so if you’re feeling a little frisky, here are ten simple tips that can help you to have some red-hot sex tonight.

Oh and we should probably mention that these little beauts are perfect for during the week as well (especially if you’re short on time and energy).


Spice things up by whispering a few wicked words into your man’s ear

1. Talk Dirty: Nothing heats up a sex session faster than some perfectly-timed dirty talk. Make sure that the two of your are sufficiently turned on, then whisper something wicked into your man’s ear. If you’re too embarrassed, simply switch off the lights and let yourself go. Encourage your man to talk back.

2. Multitask: We all know that preparation is key when it comes to sex, so why not get things started earlier by sending your man a saucy sext if he’s at work or if you’re out somewhere? Keep up the naughty dialogue for as long as possible. By the time the two of you get home, you’ll be dying to get into bed.

3. Dress up: You know that saucy suspender/frilly knicker combo that you don’t normally wear? Why not heat things up in the bedroom by wearing it? Not only will you look amazing and feel super-confident, you’ll also give your man an image that he won’t be forgetting any time soon.

4. Bring out the toys: If you have a vibrator that you use for some solo loving why not switch things up some night by letting your partner in on the action? Contrary to popular belief, vibrators can be a lot of fun for men too. Experiment and have fun. Remeber: variety is the spice of life!

Bust out your favourite pair of killer heels

5. Wear your sexiest high heels: Go to your wardrobe, strap on those amazing stillettos and keep them on. Yes, even when you’re getting down and dirty with your man. It’s simple but it can make your romps feel so much more exciting and naughty.

6. Try something different: Instead of your usual foreplay routine, try having a romantic bath together. Instead of the missionary position, try something a little more challenging. When you’re in a long term relationship, your sex life can fall into certain routines. Switch things up a little – we guarantee you’ll love breaking away from the norm.

7. Share your fantasies: Do you really know what turns him on? When you’re in bed together, ask him to tell you his deepest, darkest fantasies. After he’s told you the intimate details, return the favour and tell him all of yours. Not only will this bond you as a couple and help you to feel more connected, it’ll also give you some ideas to tryi n the future.

8. Try some role-playing: It may seem a bit strange but according to sexperts, dressing up and pretending to be someone else could give your sex life a major boost. So what will you be? A teacher? A policewoman? A secretary? The possibilities are endless.

Experiment with something new…

9. Go a bit ‘fifty shades’: Now we’re not talking about building your own red room of pain ala Christian Grey, but why not try tying each other up with a silk scarf or introducing a blindfold into the bedroom? Doing something together than is normally considered to be a bit risque will get your heart racing in the best possible way.

10. Sweeten things up: Planning on hitting the hay with your man early tonight? Why not surprise him by bringing some chocolate sauce and whipped cream into the bedroom? Hey, it’s the weeked. You’ve been working hard. You deserve a little treat, right?