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28th Jan 2019

‘Skin eating insects’ are set to invade our homes during the cold spell

Olivia Hayes

Well, this is absolutely horrible.

Nevermind it being freezing cold and wet and damp; now we have to deal with skin eating insects.

Silverfish (tbh, never heard of them before) are known as the world’s first pests and can eat through dead skin cells, hair, and can even feast through walls and wallpaper – so basically we’re not safe.

24|7 Home Rescue said that they thrive on households that clog up moisture. Which in other words means if you’ve been cooking/showering and haven’t been opening your windows (because it’s freezing) that’s their optimum breeding space.

Image result for silverfish

Ranjen Gohri, from  24|7 Home Rescue , said: “Silverfish are actually the oldest known pests on earth.

“And if you’re spotting tiny holes in your clothes or curtains, you might have an infestation without even realising it.

“They’ll eat anything. But skin cells are a delicacy to silverfish.

“And they like to leave their calling card – in the shape of tiny yellow stains wherever they’ve been.”

If you want to keep the pests away, the best thing to do is keep your house as clean as possible.

“Daily cleaning to keep on top of things and then a weekly good going over means silverfish won’t have a good reason to stick around.

“Keep dust off books, and keep the bathroom floor mopped so there’s no dead skins cells around. Chuck out your old newspapers/mags so you’re not leaving them things to chomp at.”

BRB, just running to clean the house.