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13th Jul 2016

Sick of Pokemon Go? Here’s how you mute all mentions of it

Pokemon Go... away please.

Carl Anka

The internet right now is just stories about UK politics and Pokemon.

The world is abuzz with Pokemon Go chatter, which is providing a nice little distraction from some of the less pleasant things going on in the world.

The free to play augmented reality game is the perfect mix of nostalgia and novelty as we all use our smartphones to catch, train and battle Pokemon that are living around us.


We love it so much, we sent our Ciara to play the game around Dublin.

It’s not even out in the Ireland. Yet. (We think it will be by the end of the week).

But we here at Her are nothing but equal opportunities people, so if you’re one of the people tired of Pokemon Go chat, here’s news of a new internet extension that allows you to mute all mention of the game.

Google Chrome extension PokeGone blocks all mention of Pokemon Go when you’re internet browsing, allowing you to go about your day without stumbling on Pokemon news.

Available on both the smartphone and desktop versions of Google Chrome to download here, it’s the perfect remedy for those who have no interest in becoming a Poketrainer and becoming one of the very best, like no one ever was.

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