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26th Mar 2018

This shop turns old VHS tapes into lamps and we’re feeling very nostalgic

Keeley Ryan

Remember VHS tapes?

Once the staple of many afternoons after school, they’re now more likely  to be found stacked up in storage.

But one Etsy shop has become a viral sensation for their method of upscaling the classic VHS tapes, giving them new life once again… this time, by turning them into lamps.

And, we’ve got to say, they look absolutely amazing.

Etsy’s NancysJars – run by UK-based artist Hayley Summers – uses some VHS tapes of the most beloved and iconic movies over the last few decades, from Jaws to Jumanji, Grease to Titanic. 

There’s even some Disney ones, if you’re looking for an animated throwback.

(Seriously though, how cute is the 101 Dalmatians one?!)

NancysJars also sells some television-inspired VHS tapes, based on the likes of The Simpsons, Friends, Peaky Blinders and Pokémon – among many others.

The lamps are either made with an actual VHS tape from that particular movie or as accurate a model as possible, depending on the year of your chosen film/television series.

And the customisable soothing glow is courtesy of battery-powered LED lights, so it’s completely heat free – and won’t melt the casing.

The starting price for the lamp changes depending on which one you pick, as well as what kind of power you pick for the product.