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23rd Sep 2017

Sausage dogs are competing in a costume parade and it’s TOO cute

sausage dogs

It’s called ‘the running of the wieners.’

No really, it is.

Is there anything better than a sausage dog?

We didn’t think so, but then we discovered that every year sausage dogs dress up in costumes and look adorable and fight to become The Best Dressed Daschund and we realised that yes, there was something better than a sausage dog.

And it was that.

sausage dog

To celebrate Oktoberfest, the lads over in Melbourne host an annual sausage dog costume parade which sounds more fun than literally any parade that we have ever hosted here in Ireland.

The event sees the little legged doggies parade around in their best attire and run a little race, all in aid of Australia’s Daschund Rescue service.


sausage dog

This year, over 100 sausage dogs competed in the competition and oh my god if they weren’t the most adorable little lads.

From Harry Potter to aeroplane pilots to police officers, the dogs did not hold back.

Here are some shots from the event’s highlights.

Sorry but this one is dressed as It and we can’t deal.

Since the parade began back in 2015, over $6,200 has already been raised for the Daschund Rescue.

And we are very glad.