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31st Jan 2019

Pure – a new series about repetitive sexual thoughts aired last night and viewers are LOVING it

Have you watched #Pure?

Denise Curtin

“Amazing to have OCD in the limelight, and explored for what it really is and isn’t.”

Pure, a six-part series which follows a 24-year-old girl who battles with a form of OCD that causes you to have continuous and often very distressing sexual thoughts aired on TV last night.

Marnie suffers from Pure O and she’s finding it extremely hard and confusing to come to terms with it and what’s happening to her. In the first episode, her x-rated thoughts fill the entirety of the show, from quite a graphic opening scene to her dad getting with her best friend, the programme is certainly out there but viewers were loving how it shined a light on a condition that’s rarely discussed in the media.

Here’s what people were saying…

Pure airs on Channel 4 every Wednesday at 10pm. You can catch up here.