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01st Nov 2018

I went to a psychic medium to overcome my grief, and it was incredible

Rebecca O'Keeffe

psychic medium

It was a difficult experience.

Growing up, my Grandad was my best friend.

Not in a typical grandparent way… we literally told each other everything.

We shared secrets with each other that nobody else in the family knew.

Two years ago my Grandad passed away, and it broke me beyond belief.

Grief is a tricky thing to describe, because everyone goes through it in a different way.

I have spent the last two years crying, talking to my Grandad and going through stages of anger.

I suppose that’s all normal, but I had hoped it would pass sooner.

And no, I don’t believe you ever get over someone you love passing on… but it should get easier.

However, it just didn’t.

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Happy Birthday Des. I miss you every day! ❤️

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So, when I had the opportunity to meet with a psychic medium, I figured why not? It couldn’t hurt like.

For the Halloween special of Girls With Goals, we invited Vivienne Cardin to come in for a chat.

I just thought that maybe Vivienne could kind of give me a bit of solace, and tell me my Grandad is okay.

It was not that simple.

After a lengthy recording, we asked Vivienne if there was a spirit in the room, and before she even spoke, I knew it.

She told me that my Grandad was in the room, and had been behind me since the moment she entered the room.

What did I do? Bawled crying immediately. Of course.

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10am, April 2, 1956 ❤️

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I chatted to my Grandad through Vivienne, and it helped.

He ensured me he was okay, happy even. He gave some interesting life advice (which I promise to follow).

He also reminisced about memories, which is kind of how I knew he was really there, in the room.

It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life.

And listen, I am fully aware that it sounds a bit mad, and if you don’t believe in this stuff that is perfectly okay.

But I do.

I didn’t realise how much the experience helped until I went to bed that night, and slept like a log for the first time in two years.

No weird dreams, no waking up crying, no restlessness. Just sleep.

Of course, I’ll miss my Grandad forever, but it’s so comforting to know that wherever I go, he’ll be there.

He assured me… he’s sticking around to help me in life.

Something that will always make me feel safe.