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26th Oct 2012

Pretty, But Boring: Controversial Research Claims Attractive People Are a Bunch of Bores

A study from the UK is claiming that people who are physically attractive are far more likely to have an ugly, boring personality. What do you think?


Fancy a bit of controversial research? Of course you do! According to a new study today, beautiful people may have been blessed in the looks category, but when it comes to personality? Well, apparently they’re duller than a grey pair of knickers.

Psychologists at the Open University in the UK say that while beautiful women and drop-dead-gorgeous men have it going on physically, they’re far more likely to have an unattractive, boring personality.

In fact, the boffins found that people who are rated as being physically attractive are actually less outgoing, less friendly and spend more time talking about themselves rather than learning about other people.

However, the study also showed that despite the fact that beautiful people have unattractive personalities, we still think that people who are pretty will be more interesting. This phenomenon has been nicknamed the “halo effect” by researchers because, inexplicably, good looking people tend to give off a good feeling to the rest of us.

“The results indicate beautiful people may tend to focus more on conformity and self-promotion than independence and tolerance,” said Lihi Segal-Caspi, one of the researchers.

Does beautiful really equal boring?

Students who took part in the study conducted by the researchers consistently overrated how interesting good looking people would be. In fact, the vast majority of the students said that there was no point in chatting to less attractive people at a party because chances are they’d have nothing to say.

However, after the students interviewed a sample of over 100 people, they realised that the opposite was actually true.

What do you think ladies? Are hot men likely to have a rubbish personality? Do you agree with this study?