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18th Feb 2017

This pint-drinking baby from Kerry is all anybody can talk about right now

Who is pintbaby?


How can such a short video raise so many questions?

First and foremost, who is pintbaby?

Second, why does nobody in that pub care or even really seem to notice that baby is holding and drinking a pint with almost no assistance whatsoever?

Third, how are we even supposed to feel about a baby drinking a pint of Guinness?

On the one hand, alcohol cannot be good for a tiny baby, but on the other hand it is definitely, definitely hilarious.

All of these quandaries have sprung from a video shared by RTÉ journalist Cian McCormack on his Facebook page. It’s a clip from an archived episode of RTÉ’s Nationwide entitled “Single Women Scarce In Kerry,” about how hard it was to find a woman in Kerry back then — an epidemic entirely separate to the epidemic of pint-swilling babies that was apparently sweeping through Kerry at the time.

The video has amassed 407,000 views in the 22 hours since it was posted but it’s fair to say that it deserves far more. We need everybody to weigh in on this pintbaby issue until we can get to the bottom of the many questions it has posed to our society.