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11th Feb 2016

PICS: People Renting Out This Dublin Apartment Have Suspiciously Weird House Rules

They need a big oul dose of calm down.

Megan Cassidy

We like hygiene, we do.

It’s great to be clean and have showers, and we also enjoy when our housemates maintain a certain level of cleanliness.

And yes, if one of our housemates stopped showering, we might stick a passive aggressive post it to the bathroom door.

But this house rule, spotted on a ad by JOE reader Paul Dilleen, is very strange, if not downright alarming.

The first paragraph of the description reads:

We are looking for a new tenant who is organized and also who takes a shower every day after work.”

Woah, hold on.

Why? Why a shower after work?

Also, you are only allowed to have your closest friends over for “lunch, dinner” or EVEN a “chat”.

Wow, these guys sound like they would be great craic at parties.


But, at €250 per month, we’re kind of considering it.

Thanks to Paul Dilleen for sending this in to our JOE bros – if you have something you think our readers would love, hit us up at [email protected] or find us on Facebook or Twitter.