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26th Feb 2014

Pic Of The Day: NASA Captures North Korea Eerily Shrouded In Complete Darkness

Another incredible image from Space.

We’ve some pretty impressive pictures from space in recent month, but this next one is impressive for different reasons. 

On Monday a member of NASA’s Expedition 38 crew took a series of photographs as the space station passed over East Asia.

While China and South Korea glow, North Korea remains shrouded in darkness with its capital, Pyongyang, appearing “like a small island.”

In a statement NASA said: “In this north-looking view, it is immediately obvious that greater Seoul is a major city and that the port of Gunsan is minor by comparison.

“North Korea is almost completely dark compared to neighbouring South Korea and China. The darkened land appears as if it were a patch of water joining the Yellow Sea to the Sea of Japan.”


Under the leadership of Kim Jong-Un, is one of the most feared nations on the planet. In recent years many travellers have reported regular power outages as one of the country’s major problems.

According to World Bank data, South Korea, per capita power consumption is 10,162 kilowatt hours while in North Korea the figure is 739 kilowatt hours.