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06th Feb 2014

Pic Of The Day: Face It, This Is One Of The Greatest Storm Photos You’ll Ever See

Staring danger straight in the face...

Talk about staring danger straight in the face… 

Simon Emmett is one of the most talked about photographer’s this week after capturing an epic shot by the English coastal town of Lyme Regis.

Emmet had been taking images near the harbour when he caught a massive wave crashing towards shore.

Unlike any other storm images he had captured, this photo showed something a little eery.


The photographer snapped a wave that took the shape of man’s face.

The incredible image has gone viral, and today appeared on the front page of several British publications, nicknamed ‘Face of Hell Storm’.

On his Facebook page, Emmett explained that he didn’t notice the oceanic face until he glanced back through his shots.

The photographer wrote that he was “blown away” by the interest the image had received, an apt comment to make given the subject.