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13th Sep 2017

People are p*ssed at these ‘Team Hutch’ and ‘Team Kinahan’ shirts

What were they thinking

Olivia Hayes

What a ignorant idea.

As we all know, the Hutch/Kinahan feud is one of the biggest and longest in the country.

The crime gangs’ conflicts have taken many lives, with reports of shootings coming in nearly every week.

That’s why we were flabbergasted to see that an Irish clothing company designed t-shirts and hoodies with ‘Team Hutch’ and ‘Team Kinahan’ logos on them.

Since the clothing appeared in The Sun, it caused absolute outrage and now the company has made a statement to say they have pulled the pieces from its website.

However, before cancelling the line, the company noted to those who bought the shirt:

“Craic Clothing takes no responsibility if you’re stupid enough to wear this around town and get ‘injured’,” it said.

And of course, Twitter wasn’t shy in showing its disdain.

In the statement, the company said “it was a stupid idea” and “we can’t apologise enough.”

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