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16th Jan 2019

Penneys’ range of cute indoor plants means we can all create Insta-perfect spaces


Denise Curtin

House plants are all the rage these days.

Not only do they brighten dull spaces instantly, but they give a sense of calmness and peace by bringing the outdoors inside.


And as many of us live in apartments or places where we can’t fund to maintain a garden, indoor plants are great for adding a little greenery to our lives.

A quick glance on Pinterest or gawk at Viktoria Dahlberg’s Instagram (my interior obsession) will show you just how easy spaces can be transformed with a few potted beauties.

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But if you, like many of us, work around the clock and the thoughts of minding plants is just another responsibility you cannot take on, don’t fret, as Penneys has a gorge range of little plants which are perfect for adding the desired effect to any room.

I picked up a few of these myself to pop along my windows, scattered in between fairy lights and candles and it has made SUCH a difference.

Plant and stand – €7

Medium sized plant in basket – €7

Marble plant – €7

Plant in pot – €5

Large glass of mixed flowers – €10

Mini plant – €3

Even buying a nice vase and making it your mission to fill it full of fresh flowers once a week can make such a difference to your room and your mood. I often drop into the supermarket to pick up a bouquet for €7 or €8 and everytime I walk into my kitchen and see them on the table, it’s an instant mood lifter.

Happiness for €8, I’m all for that.