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04th Jan 2018

Penney’s new stationery collection is absolute office GOALS


Give your co-workers severe desk envy.

If there’s one thing we all try to do our very best at, it’s keeping our desks neat and tidy.

Is there any better feeling than trudging into work on a Monday morning and having your bad mood lifted ever-so-slightly by the fact that hey, at least your desk is clean?

No. Not there is not.

A clean and tidy desk, however, tends to be the dream rather than the reality most of the time.

Ther Her desk is more ’75 empty mugs and a tonne of chocolate everywhere’ over ‘a neat space in which to do your work.’

It suits us all just fine to be honest, but there is one thing that we definitely wouldn’t say no to… and that’s Penney’s class new stationery collection.

Absolute office goals.

There’s a stapler (always necessary), a funky af pencil, a lil ruler, and a nice container for all your things.


And with prices starting at just €1.50, you would be unwell to not pop down to Penneys on your absolute lunch break and basically buy all of this stuff.

Penneys also recently dropped their incredible new homeware line too, so if you were looking to jazz up your office space even more, you may as well borrow from that.

There’s this unreal lamp (€10)

This plant lad (€6)

And this handy weekly planner.