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31st May 2016

#TryBeatingMeLightly – Pakistani women contest new wife-beating bill

This is shocking...

A bill has been drafted recommending husbands should beat their wives.

Pakistan’s council of Islamic Ideology has proposed in a bizarre statement that husbands should be entitled to beat their wives ‘lightly’ if needed.

In a gutsy backlash, many Pakistani women have responded with an online campaign #TryBeatingMeLightly, a hashtag challenging men to try and overtake these powerful women.

Under the new bill, husbands will be allowed beat their wives if the women misbehave.

Bad behaviour that would determine a beating includes talking to strangers, talking too loudly, giving money to people without the permission of the husband, denying sexual intercourse and refusing to dress properly.

#TryBeatingMeLightly shows the reactions of Pakistani people to the proposed bill, in a bid to empower the women and get the bill rejected.

Lead image via Twitter