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05th Nov 2014

Out With a Bang?! THREE Love/Hate Favourites Tipped to Bite the Dust in Season Finale

It's looking like a bloodbath could be in store...

Rebecca McKnight

One thing is for sure, it’s set to be an explosive episode!

The season finale of Love/Hate’s incredible fifth season takes place on Sunday night and with three possible endings reportedly filmed, the only safe assumption is that nobody is safe.

Last week’s episode saw Fran’s longtime henchman Deano bite the bullet in a gruesome fashion, while Siobhan had several lucky escapes.

Love/Hate - Series 5 Episode 5

Now, bookies have released odds on the first character killed off on Sunday night and it’s a three-way tie.

Escaped prisoner Fran, brothel operator Janet and informer Siobhan are the favourites at 5/2.

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 18.36.39

If the odds are anything to go by, it seems that Nidge is set to fight another day – with long odds of 8/1 to meet his maker and join Darren in the great Love/Hate afterlife.

Love/Hate - Series 5 Episode 5

Of course creator Stuart Carolan has kept viewers guessing so far, so nothing is certain until Sunday evening’s bloody showdown makes it to air.

The culmination to the series is expected to attract 1 million viewers for national broadcasters RTÉ.