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06th Jun 2014

Our Woman Of The Week Is Pauline Harrington, Winner Of A €100 Littlewoods Ireland Voucher

Who's your woman of the week?!

Who’s your woman of the week?

We want to know all about the special ladies in your lives: mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, wives and friends, there are so many possible candidates for woman of the week.

They more than deserve a little TLC and this is why we have teamed up with Littlewoods Ireland to show them some well-deserved love.

Each week we have a €100 voucher from Littlewoods Ireland to give away to the most deserving woman so they can treat themselves to something special.

This week, Pauline Harrington is our winner of a €100 Littlewoods voucher and below her daughter Niamh tells us why Pauline deserves to be our woman of the week.

“For your “Woman of the week” competition, I’d like to nominate my Mum, Pauline Harrington.

“Whether she’s climbing mountains or set dancing she’s always on the go, and always has a word for everyone (which can make it a nightmare to run into town with her for “a quick errand” but there’s worse things she could be doing!).

“At the beginning of this month my Dad had some health issues and she hasn’t left his side since. He’s been put off the road because of these issues (seizures) and she’s been his taxi ever since, without a word of complaint.

“As well as all this she’s helped my brother and I through our college exams, I always have a good luck/you tried your best/another one down text when I turn my phone back on after the exam.

“This past Wednesday Dad was diagnosed with a brain tumour that requires surgery but she’s been positive and optimistic as ever since she broke the news to my brother and I, as she knows Dad needs her strength right now.

Pauline is our woman of the week

“I really don’t mean to give a big sob story so you’ll give her the prize out of sympathy, I’m just telling you this to show how strong she really is, and how lost we’d all be without her.

“It doesn’t hurt either that she’s a massive fan of Littlewoods Ireland, the website is the only bookmark she’s got saved to her tablet, and she pours over the catalogue every season when it comes in the door.

“She even turns down the pages of all the things she’d buy if she could afford it all. It’d mean the world to me to give her the voucher, a small token to say thanks for all she does.

“I understand there’s probably a lot of entries for this, but my Mum is an amazing woman, and I’d really appreciate if you considered her for this”.

We hope Pauline enjoys treating herself with a €100 voucher from Littlewoods Ireland and if you have a special women we need to know about please get in touch!

Send an email, accompanied by an image of the lady in question, to [email protected] telling us about her and why she is a deserving winner.