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18th Jun 2015

Oh Sh*T! There’s a New Way to Break the Law in Waterford…

This might be a little difficult to monitor!

Rebecca McKnight

If you’re heading to Waterford anytime soon, you might want to mind your P’s and Q’s and keep that potty mouth firmly shut. 

When it comes to… let’s call it “creative” use of the English language, Irish people often have a natural ability to turn the air blue, while rarely meaning any offence.


There’s a time and a place, though, and that place is not in parks or playgrounds.

The Sunday World reports that a new raft of rules set to be brought in by Waterford City and County Council include the prohibition of swearing while in a park or playground owned by the council.


The rules also include a ban of smoking or using an e-cigarette near areas in which children play.

The Parks, Playgrounds and Open Spaces By-Laws 2015 comes into effect on the 1st of July, and those who flout the rules could face a fine of up to €1,270.

The new rules also ban gambling, begging, possessing firearms and bringing your cattle, sheep or donkeys onto the grounds. Nor can you cycle, skateboard or roller skate… unless you happen to be a Council employee. Who knew working for the local government could provide such perks?