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13th Nov 2017

The new Emirates first-class suites are next level luxury

These suites are intense.

Jade Hayden


You thought you knew fancy?

Think again.

Last week, we brought you a look inside Singapore Airline’s new first-class suites and we have to say that, without a hint of irony, they were pretty sweet. 

They had double beds, vanity tables, wardrobes and even recliners all for the low, low cost of just €3378.74 a ticket.

Not bad value at all.

As it turns out though, SA appears to have been kicked off the top spot for flight luxury because Emirates have just revealed their new first-class cabins and they are honestly intense.

They’ve got virtual windows, zero gravity seat positions, personal mini bars, 32 inch TVs, temperature controls, and literal binoculars so you can “explore the skies.”

No really, that’s what their website says.

Their website also says that these suites are “game changers” and to be honest, we are very inclined to believe that.

Though who can afford this level of fancy is still anyone’s guess.

To fly in one of these suites you’ll be forking out at least €7,800 so you better get saving.

This is only a mere ten times more expensive than the airline’s economy seats though so, you know, not that much of a difference really.

The suites will be available on Emirates’ new fleet of Boeing 777 jets.

Images via Emirates.