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01st Mar 2020

The moment a Dublin woman proposed to her boyfriend on live TV yesterday

Alan Loughnane

It’s a Leap Year after all…

29 February only comes around once every four years and is known for women popping the question to their partners.

The tradition stems from a story about St Brigid, who complained to St Patrick that women had to wait too long for a man to propose.

St Patrick agreed, according to the legend at least, that women could propose on one day in February; the 29 which is a leap year.

The world has changed and it’s normal for women to propose to their partners but the old traditions still make this a day that some mark in their calendar.

Step forward Dubliner Maria Kelly, who decided to pop the question to her partner of six years Bryan Geraghty… on live TV.

With the help of Ireland AM on Virgin Media, she set about surprising her partner.

Clip via Weekend AM Virgin Media Television