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07th Jun 2023

Man becomes internet sensation after hilarious money saving hack goes viral



By Jack Peat

‘Work smarter, not harder’

A man who peels bananas before weighing them in a bid to save money has become a social media sensation, with people describing him as the embodiment of the ‘work smarter, not harder’ mentality.

Posting on TikTok, his partner uploaded a video showing how he carefully unpeels every banana before weighing them in a plastic bag.

The video has been viewed more than 800,000 times, with some people even urging the woman to break up with the poor fella!

However, others suggested he will save more money than all of us due to his frugalness.

And if he’s looking to cut costs on a 20p banana, who knows what money-saving hacks he’s deploying elsewhere!


the secondhand embarrassment tho #lifehacks #savemoney #straya #australia

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The comments have been quick to flood in on social media, with several people questioning the legality of the matter.

One person said: “Is that even legal? Just steal the banana you can save more.”

Another added: “Nah that gotta be illegal.”

Some people even suggested he should weigh the banana without a plastic bag to save even more money.

However, if bananas are treated in the same way as broccoli then you might want to avoid repeating this hack.

A supermarket in Australia had to issue a statement after a person went viral on social media for cutting off their broccoli stem to save money.

A sign erected in the supermarket hilariously read: “ATT customers. You must not break the stems of the broccoli.

“This is classed as theft. All broccoli purchases will be checked at the registers. Thanks, Management.”


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