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10th Jul 2019

The majority of people would choose their pet over their fella and yeah same

Jade Hayden

Who wouldn’t, like?

Pets or lads?

It’s the age-old question that us women have always struggled to answer.

On the one hand, pets are fluffy, fun, and adorable. On the other, lads exist.

At the end of the day though, the vast majority of people have (correctly) decided that they would, in fact, choose their pet over their lover and to be honest, we are not at all surprised.

After all, men are liars. Dogs are not.

New research compiled by Mattress Online has shown that most people are more inclined to pick their pet over their significant other if the pair didn’t get along.

64 percent of us, to be precise.

80 percent of people said that their pets generally have a positive effect on their relationship “by strengthening communication and reducing stress levels.”

However, half of those surveyed also said that they would happily let their pets interrupt sex – and yeah, can’t exactly blame them for that either.

In fact, most people said that their partner’s breath actually smelled worse than their pet in the morning.

Despite this hardly surprising info, sleeping with a pet can still disrupt a person’s sleep – and may not be worth it if the dog, cat, rabbit, or whatever is waking you up throughout the night.

“We only recommend sleeping with a pet if the mental health benefits outweigh the real risks associated with sleep loss,” said Steve Adams, CEO of Mattress Online.

They definitely would though, like. C’mon.

Here are the top 10 ways your pet can seemingly make you lose sleep:

  1. Taking up too much space
  2. Making loud noises
  3. Moving around the room
  4. Jumping on the bed
  5. Waking earlier than you normally would
  6. Affecting your allergies
  7. Causing you to toss and turn
  8. Stopping you from cuddling with a partner
  9. Stealing the duvet away
  10. Making you subconsciously afraid to roll onto your pet

In fairness though, your fella could absolutely be doing all of the above too.