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15th Aug 2016

Know someone with an old Ford Fiesta? Ford Ireland is looking for them!


Laura Holland

Finally – the Ford Fiestas are getting their moment in the spotlight. 

First introduced in 1976, the Ford Fiesta is celebrating 40 years on the road. As part of the car’s 40-year celebrations, Ford in Ireland is hoping to uncover Ireland’s oldest Fiesta.

Interestingly, the Ford Fiesta has sold more than 17 million units around the world since its launch. In Ireland alone, some 180,000 Fiestas have been sold. Back in the day, Fiestas went on sale for the price of £2,365 and one of the special additions you could add to the car was the option of including a screw-off aerial.

Ciarán McMahon, Chairman and Managing Director of Ford in Ireland said, “The Fiesta has had such a unique and exceptional heritage in Ireland. It has been part of the family for countless households down through the years and is the car that most of us actually learned to drive in – experiences like that build a unique and strong affinity”.

And now the search is on for the oldest one still standing/driving. Know anyone who still has an old model and drives it proudly? Owners are encouraged to check with their local Ford dealer to see if their car is the oldest in the country.

You can also check on for more information and Ford’s social media accounts.

The owner of Ireland’s oldest Fiesta and their car will be guests of honour at a special celebratory event for 40 years of Fiesta that will take place in late September.