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10th Jul 2020

Know someone from Dublin who is living abroad? They might need this candle

Know someone who needs this candle?

I am a candle addict and I love collecting candles that have some kind of sentimental attachement.

During lockdown buying candles from small Irish businesses has been my way of helping out while also keeping my home brightly lit and scented.

Some of my most recent purchases were based on some of my favourite books, like my Alice in Wonderland candle from Wordsmith candles and my favourite films, like my Midnight Margarita candle from Cauldron Candles.

Because I’m always looking up candles I get adverts for different candle companies in Ireland popping up on my social media every so often and it was through one of these ads that I discovered Garbell Candles.

I spotted that they had a range of cities in their collection and I started browsing through to see if they had any of my favourite places to travel to.

That’s when I spotted it.

The Dublin candle.

Can you say add to cart?


When I saw this I was like ok, I need one for myself, one for my mammy and all of my relatives living abroad.

Luckily, Garbell Candles are running a buy three get one item free offer so I won’t end up in the poor house from buying candles just yet.

The Natural Soy Wax Candle what is specially made for Dublin with top notes of cassis, cherry, grass and fig; middle notes are hyacinth, cyclamen, jasmine and pine tree; base notes are patchouli, cedar, amber and musk.


I know a lot of friends of family living abroad that are pretty homesick at the moment, especially during lock down so I might have to post a couple of these candles to them.

Considering how high quality all the ingredients are I was really surprised to find the Dublin candle only costs €14,99.

Other candles in the cities range include Paris and New York so Dublin is up there in good company.

You can check out the Dublin candle as well as Garbell’s other candles on their website here.