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08th Jul 2018

Irish mammy and granny react hilariously to a surprise visitor

“I’m going to have a f**king heart attack!”

When it comes to pranks, especially on the receiving end of them, there is a very Irish way of responding to them.

Swearing. A lot.

And that is exactly what happened when Breda Doocey returned home from Canada after a year away, disguised as a birthday present for her nephew.

Also in the room was Breda’s father Michael, her grandmother Breege, and her mother Anna, who goes at the box armed with a pair of scissors.

You can actually hear them joking about Breda being in the box, but then get the fright of their lives – watch out for those scissors! – when Breda busts out of the packaging and sends the room into a state of profane shock.

Check out the hilarious surprise arrival in full below: