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23rd Jun 2016

Irish fans sing while fixing a dent in a car in France

They are such HEROES!

Laura Holland

We just cannot get enough of all the fan videos from the Euros in France. 

The Irish fans have definitely become the most popular of all the countries competing in the Euros. From helping a French couple with a flat tyre, to cleaning up after themselves and just having the absolute craic.

They’ve made everyone at home in Ireland so proud and also leaving us with a serious case of FOMO.

This latest video is one of the best. While they were having fun on the streets, one of the Irish fans hopped onto a car. What seemed pretty harmless actually made a fairly substantial dent on the roof. While some people might run away from this situation and claim no part, the Irish fans rallied together to come up with a solution.

Some of them began squeezing money through the crack in the door and window, in a bid to cover the cost of the dent.


While others began banging on the roof to pop out the dent.

As they were banging away in the hopes of fixing the mishap they sang ‘Fix the dent for the boys in green’. You seriously couldn’t write this.

They keep banging until they manage to pop out the dent and naturally they erupt into celebration.

It’s absolutely brilliant.

Image and video via YouTube/FBLightTV