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27th Dec 2013

Ireland’s Most Popular Zoo Animal Revealed!

Can you guess which animal came out on top?

Dublin Zoo boasts a vast variety of various zoo animals and it’s great to see such love from their visitors.

In a recent poll by the organization, the adorable red panda was voted as Ireland’s favourite zoo animal by 20% of the public surveyed, with the elephant and tiger coming in second and third place, respectively.

“I’m not surprised about the red panda’s appeal to people, they are magnificent looking animals!” said Eddie O’Brien, Team Leader at Dublin Zoo.“This year we have had great success with our breeding programme and welcomed red panda twins Zhen and Bo”.

To celebrate the news, Dublin Zoo is offering free entry to all children who bring their favourite cuddly animal toy to the Zoo from Friday, 27th December until Wednesday, 31st December.


We must admit that we’re big fans of the red panda too! But what other animals were in the top 10?

Dublin Zoo’s list of Ireland’s Favourite Zoo Animals: 

  1. Red panda (20%)
  2. Elephant (13%)
  3. Tiger (11.5%)
  4. Giraffe (9.6%) and Penguin (9.6%)
  5. Gorilla (8.6%)
  6. Meerkat (5.8%)
  7. Orang utan (5.2%)
  8. Wolf (3.6)
  9. Lion (3.1%)
  10. Hippo (2.3%)

We’re definitely going to pay them all a visit soon.

Main image via Dublin Zoo