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16th Mar 2014

#ICYMI – Our Favourite Stories This Week

Our favourite stories from the week that was...

Having a lazy Sunday? Kick back, pour yourself a cuppa and enjoy Team’s favourite reads of the week. Though it’s a tough task, given how many fantastic stories we’ve come across in the past seven days, each of us here at have chosen one of our favourite picks from the week, gathered together in one handy collection. Enjoy! ________________________________

Grace’s Choice: #IndulgeTheBolge

Grace says: This week is too easy. Every man and their dog knows my appreciation for ‘absolute gentlemen’ and Tommy Bolger topped that poll this week. The 2014 presidential candidate for the University of Limerick made the greatest election campaign video I’ve ever seen and I can only hope that the students of UL do the right thing and give Tommy the reign that he deserves.

Read the full story here. Unknown

Cathy’s Choice: Linda, Please

Cathy says: This was my favourite story this week, purely for the comedic factor. This little boy really wants a cupcake, (I’m partial to them myself) and does an impressive job of persuading his mother he deserves one. He calls her by her first name Linda and insists that she’s ‘not listening’. HILARIOUS.

Read the full story here. video-cover1-634x392

Una’s Choice: Dining Al Desco

Úna says: This survey totally spoke to me as I’m definitely one of those people who dine “al desco” aka eating your lunch at your desk. The study found that two thirds of workers tucked into their lunches from the comfort of their desks rather than eating in the kitchen or heading out and that the recession had impacted on their food choices and how much they were willing to spend – interesting stuff!

Read the full story here0743a7a4921d3e79d95df8deef8f7c71699aba67-634x475

Marie’s Choice: Ireland Inspires

Marie says: My favourite story is the fantastic #irelandinspires video by Failte Ireland, which was released earlier this week. This heartwarming tribute showcases all the amazing things that have come out of our small country and, while we’ve been through some tough times, reminds us that there is still plenty to be proud of. James Vincent McMorrow’s killer version of ‘Higher Love’ is an added bonus!

Read the full story here. ffgg-634x381

Rebecca’s Choice: One Unusual Search

Rebecca says: This was my favourite story from this week because it made me laugh and it’s not something you read every day. I love these sorts of stories that just grab your attention (not necessarily in a good way) and leave you totally confused. I’m still amazed by how it happened.

Read the full story here. 120479424-634x437

Sue’s Choice: Boxer Bites Back

Sue says: My favourite story of the week was the one about the boxer dog, Fern, who was left in the car while her owners went to an Art Gallery. She really wasn’t that impressed about it however.

Read the full story here.   boxer_dog_puppy_wallpaper_hd-normal-634x475

Michelle’s Choice: Is That the Ice-Cream Van?

Michelle says: I got such a kick out of this story. These little guys could not be any more excited about the prospect of ice-cream. I might be a couple of decades older, but I have the same reaction when I see the pizza guy pull up outside.

Read the full story here. ice-cream

Liz’s Choice: Paging a Doctor for Mr. Bear

Liz says: My favourite story this week was the Teddy Bear’s Hospital event for local school children in Limerick. Medical students at the University of Limerick pulled on our heart strings when they invited local primary school children to stop by the Teddy Bear Hospital where they were taught all the basics of what to expect when they visit a doctor or hospital. From x-rays on their trusty friends, to taking their teddy’s temperature and blood pressure, hats off to UL for helping beat the first time fears of a child going to the hospital. It also helped that the story had THE CUTEST PICTURES. EVER

Read the full story here. Teddy2-634x422

Alanna’s Choice: Probably the Best Animal Ever

Alanna says: The most fun story I wrote this week was about my favourite cuddly animal. Red Pandas are the toddlers of the animal kingdom. SO CUTE SO CUTE. I have to get out and go see them at Dublin Zoo while I’m still here.

Read the full story here. pouncing-panda1-634x424