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10th Oct 2017

This house in Portobello, Dublin has divided people

Can you see why?

Can you see why?

A house in Portobello has caused a bit of a stir online. It was first highlighted by The Irish Times who wanted to showcase what it had to offer. They led with the description, “A rooftop terrace, clever storage and walls of glass make this [house] feel bigger than 60 sq m.”

A 60 sq m house in Dublin City is quite common, but the prices can vary. In this instance, the house will set you back over half a million Euro, €535k to be exact.

And, what do you get for your money? It has an entrance hall, two bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, bathroom and a roof garden.

With an entire wall of glass between the yard and the living room, the house is also filled with natural light.

While most people will agree, this is a lovely house but it has made people quite angry that a house this small, that doesn’t even come with a designated car parking space could cost as much as it does.

Some of the comments online have been:

“For that price you’d want it filled with rooms as well.”

“They’re is at it again. Telling people that paying half a million to live in a tiny box is normal & not insane.”

“I wonder what original occupants would think of their house now going for over half a million!”

“Ireland! Cop on to yourself! Portobello cottage for €535K”

All images via Sherry Fitzgerald