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06th Jul 2012

Here Are a Few of Our Least Favourite Things

Life is filled with daily annoyances. These are some of the things that are grinding our gears this July.

It’s bad enough that we’re not going on holiday this summer without having to deal with numerous other annoyances this month. It’s hard to go about our normal day when so many things drive us crazy! Here are some of the things that are really grinding the gears of the girls this month.

The Screaming Baby Upstairs

The protests of a toddler before bed were cute at the beginning but after a few weeks of constant wailing we are sick of the racket! We’re just fed up of neighbours in general this month especially the rude ones who think it’s okay to allow their mean Jack Russell to snap at our ankles as we desperately try and unlock our front door.

People who pick fights on Twitter

What is your actual problem? Grow a pair and express your angst somewhere else. This is our happy place!

This Crappy Weather

We can’t deal with the Irish weather’s temperamental mood swings. First it’s sunny, then it’s raining. It’s too hot to wear a jacket in the morning but then we are caught in a Day After Tomorrow type shower on the way home. Our frizzy hair can’t handle it!

People who walk at a snail’s pace in the middle of the footpath

We can’t stand these slow pokes that hog the footpath during rush hour. Some of us have places to go and people to see and don’t have time to be a part of your wonderful morning stroll around town.

Free Newspapers

We understand it is your job but shoving a paper into our hands that we will never read is environmentally irresponsible. Frankly, we’re sick of uttering ‘no thank you’ at least three times during our commute and don’t have the energy to refuse you anymore. That is why there are currently five unread issues of your paper on our kitchen table, which we will now have to recycle. Thanks for that.

Rude Shop Assistants

We are totally sick of some customer service professionals being completely and utterly rude. Correct us if we’re wrong but it is allowed to ask a simple question without a roll of the eyes or the oh so common ‘tut’. It’s not our fault you’re having a bad day, lady!

Lunch Time

“The worst part of lunch is when you realise you’ve eaten everything nice and all that’s left is fruit,” said our girl Ali the other day. We’re totally with you on that daily disappointment!