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08th Aug 2012

Heatwave Set To Hit Ireland Tomorrow

Get the sunnies and tank tops out for their one chance to get a glance at the sun, a heatwave is hitting our shores...


Sun worshippers be at the ready!

We are set to get a rare sighting of the sun here in our drizzly country, in fact weather forecasters have announced a mini-heatwave is to hit Ireland.

We can kiss the rain goodbye and warmly embrace the sun as the heatwave is due to hit our shores tomorrow.

Our Irish summer may have been a washout so far, making it tough for even the sturdy staycation crew to stay optimistic, but the best is yet to come.

Forecasters are predicting temperatures of 25C to last until Saturday.

Met Eireann’s Harm Luijkx told the Irish Daily Mirror we can expect some of the best weather we’ve seen so far this year.

“It’s going to get warm over the next two days that’s for sure. It’s going to be warm but very humid at the same time. There could be some early morning fog but the weather is expected to be good by the afternoon. It’s going to be the hottest weather Ireland has seen in a good while. However, it’s not going to last as we can expect rain on Saturday and Sunday.”

That’s ok Harm, we’ll take any bit of sunshine we can get. After this washout summer people will be happy with just a couple of hours, enough to get settled with a cold drink and some sun-soaking out in the back garden.

The short spell of good weather is bound to cheer us up after the wettest June and coldest July on Irish records.

Some weather stations recorded three times the average amount of rainfall for the month, most of which fell in the deluges in the first and last weeks of June.

Retail stores have reported a double in wellies’ sales since the summer has begun. Although our mantra is stay positive over the next few days, do check out these stylish boots before Saturday comes!