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05th Nov 2013

Heartwarming Video: Boy With Stutter Finds His Voice For The First Time

This will most definitely tug at the heart strings. Yes, we cried. We cried a lot. 

Educating Yorkshire is a hit Channel 4 documentary series, that followed the daily lives of staff and pupils at Thornhill Community Academy, near Dewsbury.

The final episode, which aired last week, showed one very moving scene that has since become an Internet viral sensation.

Musharaf Asghar has almost been silent since the age of five, having battled endlessly with a speech impediment and for the first time in his life, he managed to overcome his stammer thanks to the efforts of his teacher Mr. Burton.

Burton found inspiration to help the 17-year-old boy with his condition from the Hollywood film, The King’s Speech. After years of therapy that did not work, Asghar addressed his peers in an emotional and courageous assembly speech ,that left the entire room in floods of tears.

In his speech he spoke of how cruel bullies almost forced him to leave school and how he managed to overcome his fear and struggles.

Grab a tissue folks, this inspiring young gent will cause a few tears.

Video via YouTube/YorkshireLad19