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21st Apr 2019

Having lots of sex can have a pretty surprising effect on how you sleep

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The benefits of sex seem pretty obvious.

1. Feels good.

2. Alleviates boredom.

3. Creates babies if you’re any way that inclined.

4. Feels good.

There is one benefit of sex though that we weren’t really that aware of.

According to a new study, having lots and lots of sex can actually help you sleep easier.

We know, we know, it’s hardly surprising that after a considerable amount of riding you’re totally wrecked and just need to conk out ASAP, but as it turns out, there’s actual science behind this.

And it’s not just related to the physical act of having sex either – it’s also about orgasms.

Research conducted at Central Queensland University showed that 64 percent of people had a better night of sleep after they’d had sex.

And the sleep was even more pleasant if they had orgasmed.

The study interviewed 460 participants as part of their ‘Sex as Sleep Therapy’ project and found that the release of the hormone oxytocin was helping people achieve better sleep after having sex.

Oxytocin makes people feel better and it, apparently, makes them sleep better too.

So what are you waiting for?

Time to have sex.