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13th Dec 2019

Scared to look at your bank account after the Christmas party? You’re not alone

Olivia Hayes

It puts the fear in us.

Actual fear. Nearly worse than any other fear we’ve ever experienced (nearly). That’s why it’s being coined FOFO (Fear Of Finding Out).

Checking our bank balances in the middle of the month or when direct debits come out is a scary time. None of us want to know just how bad the balance is and we will do *literally* anything to avoid.

But it turns out we’re not the only ones.

Research from Barclay’s has found that 23 percent of us hate checking our bank accounts while 11 percent are scared to look at their balance after a night out.

The good news though is that 70 percent of millennials set a budget for themselves each month, but 27 percent of those then feel panicked as they lose sight of their spending.

Nearly half (43 percent) admitted that they lose sleep over their financial states sometimes, which we can all agree is never good.

Are you in among these millennials? Do you hate looking at your bank balance? It’s more so ‘what we don’t know won’t hurt us’ but we’re probably hurting ourselves anyway by not seeing what state we’re in mid month.

But how many times have you told yourself you’re going to be ‘better’ this month? It’s safe to say we all have… let’s just hope we all stick to it this time.