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26th Oct 2016

These Halloween pranks are very cruel but also very funny

So mean!

Tom Victor

Halloween is a time of year where children stay out late in the name of adult-monitored organised fun.

April Fool’s Day is a time of year where children wake up early to organise their own fun at the expense of adults.

It’s easy to confuse the two, but let’s be clear: they are very different things. Someone ought to give Twitter user Mark Sparrow a heads-up.

The evil genius has decided to play the cruellest of pranks on any youngsters unfortunate enough to show up at his house for trick-or-treating purposes.

No, it’s not an old classic like stink bombs or shaking up a can of coke, but it’s just as bad. Maybe even worse.

Clever Mark has done his research. He knows kids like chocolate. He also knows kids think sprouts are icky. It’s the perfect crime.

Now, we’re not saying he’s *definitely* a supervillain, but we’re also not not saying that.

Not only that, but he seems to have stumbled upon an army of willing protégés, all keen to offer up their own cruel tricks to teach children that life isn’t fair and everything you look forward to will end up making you angry at the world.

This all confirms our long-held suspicions: never trust anyone about anything ever.