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13th Apr 2021

You can now have an igloo movie night experience in your own back garden

Laura Cunningham

It’s one of those pics that stops you in your tracks when you’re scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram.

A dreamy movie night, all wrapped up in blankets under the twinkling stars – heaven. And in the privacy of your own back yard? This is surely the ultimate 2021 night in/out.

When British TikTok stars @ashandchelslifestories shared their recent garden igloo experience (pictured above), our eyes nearly popped out of our Irish heads wondering if such a thing was available on the Emerald Isle.

Well, rejoice fellow igloo lovers. I did some digging and found some homegrown igloo options, just for you. (Ok fine, it was for me.)

The Dream Teepee Party offer a number of garden igloo options including a swish dinner setup and the much sought after movie night, as well as teepee tents and the cutest indoor camping experiences for kids’ parties. Sweet.

If you’re based in the north, check out Honey & Bee Garden Events for a similar offering.

I personally know several smallies of all ages who would lose their tiny minds for a go of this. The novelty of being in the back garden in their jammies would be enough – add snacks and their fave movies and you’ll be their absolute favourite. For a day or two, anyway.

With that said, if you’re tempted to make it an adults date night or grab-the-gals affair, who could blame you? Just add wine.

Now if anyone needs me, I’ll be in my igloo staring at the stars, contemplating life and which movie to watch first. Byeee!

Image: Prince Charming Event Hire