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04th Jun 2017

This game from our childhood is now a social media challenge

The floor is lava!

If like us, you’d strategically place cushions around the room before you challenged your siblings, then this latest trend will leave you much less time to prepare.

Yes, people are being caught unaware with the news that the floor has suddenly turned to lava.

The rules are simple – get yourself to safety.

In a panicked bid to abide the game’s rules, people are using any means necessary to get themselves off the ground.

From shelves to bins, members of the public are throwing themselves onto any objects they can find in an effort to save themselves.

Thankfully for us, these efforts are being filmed and shared on social media for us all to enjoy.

Now, while most people are up for the challenge, some are raising the proverbial middle finger to the rules and responding with one word – effort!


Feature image: Twitter