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27th May 2023

‘Fizzling’ is the latest dating trend and it’s so much crueller than ghosting

The latest dating trend has emerged online and it’s said to be even crueller than ghosting.

Whether we’ve been victims of it or perpetrators, we always thought ghosting was as cruel as it got, but ‘fizzling’ seems to be that bit worse.

The dating trend is going viral online – but what actually is ‘fizzling’?

When it comes to ghosting, it sees a person you’re chatting to simply drop off the face of the earth without any warning and certainly no follow up explanation.

But for fizzling, your desired partner slowly starts to takes steps back and wean off you. They’ll gradually put in less and less effort until it gradually comes to a halt entirely.

Unlike ghosting which is like ripping a band aid off, this is slower, more painful and causes even more confusion and heartbreak.

Hinge’s LGBTQIA+ DATE report said that this can be “just as painful as ghosting, with a majority (90 percent) of LGBTQIA+ people not wanting someone to fizzle them.”

“Daters would much rather receive a direct text,” it claims.

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According to a TikTok posted by “America’s number one matchmaker” Tawkify, the way to spot fizzling is when a person “slow down the communication” and use excuses to meet up.

“All in an effort to try and get the other person to decide, ‘Yeah, okay I’m not interested in this anymore’. […] And then [they’re] not the bad person.

“If you’re finding it harder to get in touch, you’re being fizzled and take the hint because that person is not worth being in a relationship with anyway because they don’t have good communication skills,” they said.

The tactic can often backfire, as it leaves the fizzler confused and constantly asking for an explanation, which is what the perpetrator doesn’t want at all.


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