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20th Nov 2019

Five things that happen EVERY single year at the office Christmas party

We stan, unfortunately.

It’s the Non-Christmas Show – yep, you read that right. On this week’s Girls With Goals, the Her team are talking all things Christmas* in the lead up to the holidays. From festive flicks to party faux-pas, it’s all below!  

*We know it’s still early but we can’t help ourselves!

It’s almost that time again, folks.

The annual shindig with your colleagues.

You’ve spent seven months working next to Colin in accounts. You only learned his name last month and just like that, it’s 2am at the Christmas party and you’re linking arms singing East 17 Stay Another Day, feeling a closer bond than any friendship you’ve ever encountered.

Well, that’s until 10am the next day when you’d rather die than see him again.

Office parties, what a treat.

On this week’s Girls With Goals, Cassie Stokes and Denise Curtin joined Niamh Maher to discuss all things Christmas. From their favourite movies to staff parties, they got ready to prepare for their own party and one thing that happens at it every single year – karaoke.

“I remember a couple of years ago, it was definitely more of an organised situation and then last year, I think we had the karaoke too late in the night and people were just like auuuughhhhh” explained Niamh.

“I think everyone thought they were Wild Youth after a few drinks and tried to get up and sing their songs and yeah, it was just a car crash” added Denise.

But, this seems to be part and parcel with any Christmas party. You don’t even sing in the shower and yet, the minute you’re in a room surrounded by your company you think it’s the perfect time to belt out a hymn.

Why is this? The million-dollar question.

And so, without filling you full of pre-festivities fear, if you’re preparing for your first Christmas party, here are four other things that’ll absolutely happen.

You’ll end up talking about your future aspirations with someone in management

“I can see myself going far, Karen”, you whine while sipping prosecco as Karen lends a shoulder and asks you what it is you REALLY want.

Cue to the next day when you totally forgot about the conversation until someone asks “here, why were you and Karen sitting in the corner for like 2 hours?”

The. Actual. Fear.

Someone will attempt to buy you a drink from the free bar 

Let me buy you a drink? Em… thanks, Padraig but the bar is actually free.

Although, maybe it’s best you stay unaware.

There will be a speech nobody wants to sit through

“Could I grab everyone’s attention for a moment?”

No, you may absolutely not, we’re grand here. But, this is only a thought in your head and so, you sit and endure a 45-minute speech thanking you for being there right in the moment you wish you weren’t.

You’ll delete half if not all of your Insta story the next day

You turn a deep rouge as you lie in your hungover nest noticing that you tagged Damien from customer care in a pic with the caption “the best”. Damien, who even saw Damien at the party??!!!


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