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20th Jan 2019

Female firefighters show four-year-old girl women can tackle blazes too

Jade Hayden

God bless.

Female firefighters from around the world have come together to show a four-year-old girl that women can tackle blazes just as well as men can.

Or potentially even better.

Journalist and mother Hannah Summers said that her four-year-0ld daughter Esme had told her she “wished she was a boy so she could be a fireman.”

Esme told her mother that any of the books she had read or films she had seen always depicted firefighters as male, so Hannah took to Twitter to see if there were any videos or stories she could show her daughter.

Twitter, understandably, did not disappoint and provided Hannah with an assortment of pictures, stories, and videos of women from around the world absolutely killing it in their respective fire departments.

There were these women from the LA fire department.

These heroes from the West Midlands.

These weapons from Dublin.

And these legends from Vancouver.

Alongside the hashtag ‘#firefightingsexism’, firewomen (and some men, too) shared their experiences of their work and photos of their teams to encourage Esme to join them when she gets older.

Here’s hoping she will.