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18th Apr 2017

People made the same joke about Enda after the UK’s announcement

Irish people have a similar humour…

The UK will hold a snap general election on June 8 this year, Prime Minister Theresa May announced on Tuesday.

The news comes despite frequent claims by the British Prime Minister that she would not be calling a general election and that the next one should be in 2020 as scheduled.

The Conservatives currently hold a narrow majority in Westminster and May’s government have been forced to make a number of concessions recently due to this problem (for them).

It’s expected that they will increase their majority in this election and that should strengthen May’s position as they face into Brexit negotiations as well as silencing some of the more vocal backbenchers in the party.

But how does this affect Ireland and in particular Enda Kenny’s timeline for stepping down as Fine Gael leader and as Taoiseach?

It was widely expected that Kenny would step down as leader of Fine Gael sometime in May but could remain as some kind of ambassador during the Brexit talks.

But a lot of people were making the same joke (maybe it’s not a joke…) about Enda Kenny and his plans for the Fine Gael leadership earlier today following Theresa May’s announcement.