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16th Dec 2018

Elderly people recount ‘Christmas In My Day’ in a new video and… ALL of the feels

Amy Nolan

Elderly people recount 'Christmas In My Day' in new video and... all of the feels

Nothing gets us as much as a heartwarming story with an old person.

Look, we’re absolute suckers for anything related to an elderly person.

Old People’s Home for Four-Year-Olds, gone.

Old person eating alone, gone.

Old man in Up, GONE!


We can’t quite put our finger on why, it could their fragility, the fact that they remind us of our own grandparents, or their consolidated wisdom from living for so many years and learning so many lessons, or maybe a combination of all three, but we always get very emosh watching elderly-related content.

When we stumbled across Christmas In Our Day, a video created by Tallar Stories, we knew we’d love it before we even hit play.

It features a number of elderly people speaking about Christmas Day when they were younger. The stories they relay are charming and impactful and although none of them amassed countless presents and toys as children do today, their experiences of Christmas convey its true magic.

“You were lucky if you got balloons to blow-up and things like that,” Gerry, 86 says, while Dolores who had no Christmas tree said they would decorate the trees in Phoenix Park with scraps of cotton from the dressmakers.

The overriding sentiment seemed to be:

“Every little thing we got was precious.”

The final question of the video was, “what would you like for Christmas?”. For Rose she joked she would love her husband back “maybe for two days” and heartbreakingly Gerry said:

“I’d give everything back to have my grandson well.”

It’s a video that certainly sticks with you.