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12th May 2019

This is the easiest and fastest way to remove period stains from your knickers

A bleedin' pain.

Denise Curtin

Period stains in your favourite knickers can be such a bleedin’ pain.

Do you ever just forget it’s that time of the month, to then sit down on the toilet and HELLO, there you are. In simple words, it’s a f*cking disaster.

And when we are not expecting it and it arrives and we’re in those cute VS briefs that probably cost half of our rent, well, then we are majorly pissed off.

But, the good news is, there are ways of getting these stains out and your knicks back to new. Now, although it works best when you tackle the stain straight away, there are also options for when the stain dries in and here are two of the best DIY solutions to get your underwear back to its fresh, period-free state.

Fresh stain

For a fresh stain, the process is super simple. Run your knickers under lukewarm water in the sink, then using handsoap and a scrub brush, rub the stain, lifting and lightning the blood. Repeat this until the stain disappears or fades. Leave the knickers to soak for 20minutes in the sink, strain them and then pop them into your normal wash.

Old stain

If it’s an old stain it can be a little bit more tricky to remove so this time, you’ll need the chemical, Hydrogen Peroxide. For this, dip a washcloth into hydrogen peroxide and then press it on the stain, repeat this a couple of times before again, popping your underwear into the wash.

Remember, this chemical can cause colours to fade like bleach, so it works best on underwear that is lighter in colour. The last thing you need is to replace red stained undies with white stained undies.

Neither is a good look.

Did you know a period sex blanket has been released? Yep, a blanket to soak up any mess, however, it’ll cost ya. You can read all about it here.