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25th Sep 2017

This Dublin rental is the bleakest thing you will see today

It just gets worse and worse...

This needs to stop.

Entered on today is a “studio apartment” in Harold’s Cross.

Featured as a three bedroom flat, we are in total disgust that these apartments are still cropping up to rent?

For €700 a month, this studio flat has a pull out bed couch, a tiny kitchenette, one actual bed, a wardrobe and what we are going to presume is a “dinner table” all within the smallest space.

Just look how close the bed is to the fridge???

The whole apartment features just one window with a “private bathroom” also mentioned. However, no pictures of this bathroom on the site make us think how grim it must be.

Also is this a metal bucket under the sink? Please say we are seeing things.

In a lovely, central part of town, it is such a shame to see landlords exploit the rental crisis by offering substandard living to people desperate to get a roof over their heads.

If you wouldn’t live in it, don’t expect someone else to.