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01st Dec 2017

Irish city ranked in the top five cities in the world for a night out

There's still time to head out...

Rudi Kinsella

A proud, proud day for the capital.

Next time you’re contemplating whether or not you should stay in or not on a Friday night, and weighing out the pros and cons of heading out, take this into account. Dublin has been ranked in the top five places IN THE WORLD for a night out.

In the whole world. This will mean the world to a lot of Dublin city regulars, who should be extremely proud of the environment they have created.

This information comes from a Hostelworld survey, which was based on analysis of data from 4,100 interviews with world-city dwellers, living in 41 cities across 27 countries, so it’s clear that a lot of effort went into this decision. The survey was split into four different categories: quality of nightlife, cost, getting around and safety and openness.

Although Dublin scored extremely well across all fronts, the reason it didn’t break into the top three was because of the cost of food and drink. Hard to argue with that…

Hamburg was named as the best night out in the world, with Copenhagen second, and Berlin third. Amsterdam completed the top five, coming in right behind Dublin’s fair city.

On that note, anyone up for a pint?

Top 10 ‘Best Nights Out In The World

1. Hamburg (Germany)
2. Copenhagen (Denmark)
3. Berlin (Germany)
4. Dublin (Ireland)
5. Amsterdam (Holland)
6. San Francisco (United States)
7. Gothenburg (Sweden)
8. Prague (Czech Republic)
9. Warsaw (Poland)
10. New York (United States)