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19th Oct 2018

This Dublin house wants you to pay €280 per month to share a BED with someone

Olivia Hayes


It’s safe to say that we all know Dublin has become a total nightmare for people trying to rent.

With the price of renting a room/house/apartment always rising, many living in the city struggle with money from month to month, or else have to commute from outside the city. Not ideal.

But this has to be the worst one that we’ve seen in a long while.

A house in Dublin is looking for someone to share a bed. It’s bad enough that you don’t get your own room, but not even your own bed.

They’re asking you to share the room with two other girls as there’s a single and double bed occupying the space.

The property description on reads:

4 girls living in this house.
1 girl has own room and 3 of us are sharing a room.
You will live with Spanish and Korean and Japanese.
SHARE A DOUBLE BED with Japanese girl.
We are all friendly. House is tidy and warm.
Tidy person is welcomed!

If you were to go for it (are you mad?), you’d have to pay a €260 deposit as well as the €280 rent.

While the Kimmage property might be in a convenient location, there’s no hope you’d be up for this unless you’re extremely stuck.