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07th Feb 2018

This Dublin guy’s video about his long distance relationship will leave you teary-eyed

We LOVE this!

We could watch this on repeat.

Dubliner Andrew McLaughlin decided to create a video to mark his one year anniversary with his boyfriend Jeremy.

Titled “This is for Jeremy”, the video takes you from the day they met right up to present day one year later. The video will sing through with anyone who too is in a long distance relationship especially as it leads up to Valentine’s Day – it highlights their endless trips across the world to see each other, their copious time spent chatting via FaceTime, the excitement of being reunited and the heartbreak of having to say goodbye.

In just over two minutes long, Andrew has put together a video which sums up his year and why although it is tough, he believes the distance is worth it.

His boyfriend who is from Australia, has now returned home and Andrew explains that there is now 10,000 miles between them however, he said to even have him that far away “is good enough for me”.

Since posting the video on Monday, it has received over 6,500 views and the number still growing.

Tissues at the ready, you are going to LOVE this!