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31st Mar 2018

All we want to do is have casual drinks out the back of this Dublin gaff

Jade Hayden

That lighting though.

If you’ve ever been drinking in a gaff that has a stunning terrace/garden/general outside area, you’ll know how much it’s able to transform an evening of drinking questionable cans into an evening of drinking question cans in a beautiful venue.

You could have your fourth can of Dutch Gold in your hand, but if there’s a decent bit of lighting, a class bit of decking, and some lovely foliage then you could almost be anywhere.

In this case though, you’d be in Rathmichael.

There’s a property there currently on sale for a mere and clearly very affordable €2,750,000.

The house, called Kildarick, was recently done up to give it more of a contemporary, current, and Instagrammable vibe and we have to say, they’ve definitely achieved all of the above anyway.

On the acre of land they’ve got a golf course, an immaculate driveway, and a pretty sizable garage.

It’s the glorious back garden seating and entertainment area that really sold us though.

Just look at it, like.

Picture the scene – yourself and a few mates (let’s say 25 or 70, something like that), all gathered around the outdoor bar or the sofas or one of the lovely plants.

There’s music, there’s delicious lighting, someone’s just done a Boomerang of all the fun.

Literally doesn’t get better than that.

And then if you get cold during this hypothetical party, you can move it on inside to where there’s double-height gallery areas, a load of block colours, and a general futuristic vibe.

There’s also a beautifully mosaiced bathroom, a couple of giant TVs, and lots of spots to chill out that look comfortable enough to dissolve in.

All you want from a Dublin gaff out in the suburbs, really.

Images via Knight Frank.