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15th May 2023

Drivers warned over latest TikTok car trend as they could face fines or cause injury

Two women in a car together

Warnings over viral TikTok trends saturate the media each week, with new ideas being shut down by experts all the time.

Some trends have even led to the death of youngsters using the app such as the ‘Blackout’ challenge, which killed several people in the UK, US, and farther afield.

Now, the latest videos causing concern among experts is known as the ‘Passenger Princess’ challenge.

Drivers are being warned that they could be hit with big fines and penalty points while their passengers could cause themselves severe harm or death while filming.

The #passengerprincess clips see people filming themselves in the passenger seat with air con on, eating snacks, choosing music and holding hands with their partners.

While it all seems very innocent, and comedic in most cases, certain aspects of the trend could actually lead to fines.

James Armstrong, from Veygo, told “Driving or being driven around like royalty is all the more appealing when the #PassengerPrincess trend is clocking millions of views on TikTok. I get it.

“Some passenger princesses have even been swapping their seatbelts for the comfort of a blanket!

“If you know someone who is jumping on this offending trend, you may want to politely suggest that they step down from their throne.”

Those who are swapping seatbelts for blankets are not only putting themselves in danger if the vehicle were to crash, they are also breaking Irish law.

According to citizen’s information: “You can be fined €120 if you do not wear a seat belt. You must either pay this fine within 28 days, or face an increased fine of €180 payable within 56 days of the offence.

“Three penalty points will be added to your licence if you choose to pay the fine and not to go to court.”

In other videos, TikTok users can be seen resting their feet on the dashboard for the ‘ultimate comfort’, however, this could actually lead to serious injury.

This is due to the location of the airbag. If the car was to be involved in a collision and the airbags were deployed, the person’s legs would be pushed back with extreme force – potentially into their head or shoulders.

Although the chances of this occurring are slim, it could result in severe injury or even death.


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